What Is 575 Volleyball: What It Offers And Why Join It?

575 Volleyball was founded in May 2017 by dedicated instructors who wanted to give athletes and their families the finest experience. 7 indoor gyms and 3 beaches are used by this in Woodstock, Peachtree City, Carrollton, and Lakepoint, Georgia.

Over 150 coaches at this program have built successful programs and competed nationally. This program teaches players technique, teamwork, hard work, and fun.

This program offers a thrilling volleyball experience. This offers junior teams, camps, clinics, and private training for all ages and ability levels. This blog post will explain 575 Volleyball, what it provides, and why you should join.

What is 575 Volleyball

What does 575 Volleyball offer?

This program has programs for varying skill levels and family commitments. This program offers these programs:

Mini Club

Mini Club is for 3rd-10th graders without club volleyball teams. The focus is on talent development and team competition with other student-athletes. The $350 fee includes 11 practices, 2 t-shirts, and one tournament play date.

The season ranges from February to June, depending on location.

Club Teams

Club teams for those that desire to play more tournaments and at a better level. 4 levels of club teams: Local, Regional, National A, National B. The $2500–$5250 fee includes practices, coaching, uniforms, and 6–12 tournaments.

The season goes from October to June or July, depending on level and age.

Camps and Clinics

This program helps players enhance their talents and games. Skill clinics, general skills camps, hitting and defense camps, passing and defense camps, and elementary and middle school camps exist.

Depending on length and nature, camps and clinics cost $40 to $165 per player. Camps and seminars are conducted year-round, especially in summer.

Private Lessons

This program gives athletes personalized coaching and feedback. Each player pays $50 for a 1 on 4 session. Contact the site director to schedule private classes.

What does 575 Volleyball offer?

Why join 575 Volleyball?

Here are some of the primary reasons to join this program:

Sr NoReason
1You’ll learn from skilled coaches who care about your success.
2Multiple facilities and locations will fit your needs.
3You’ll have fun and make volleyball-loving buddies.
4Skills, confidence, and performance on and off the court will improve.
5You can compete locally, regionally, and nationally to exhibit your talent.

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