Dead Fish Volleyball Game: Rules, Requirements, Benefits

Dead Fish Volleyball improves serving accuracy and makes volleyball game training entertaining. Two teams take turns serving the ball accurately into the opponent’s court.

Dead Fish Volleyball is a fun and fast workout for all skill levels, simulating high-pressure serving situations. Fans of volleyball, whether they are new to the sport or a pro, are always looking for fun ways to improve their skills.

A fun serving drill that is becoming more common is the “Dead Fish”.

This fun, fast-paced game not only makes practice more fun, but it also improves your serving accuracy. This detailed blog gives you  great detail about the Dead Fish serving drill, including its rules, requirements, and its benefits.

Dead Fish Volleyball Game

Rules of Dead Fish Volleyball Game

This is a lively serving drill with simple yet engaging rules:

  1. Team Division
    • Divide players into two equal groups.
  2. Serving Focus
    • Both teams take turns serving, emphasizing concentration and precision.
  3. Scoring Mechanism
    • When players miss a serve, they must lie down on the opposite court, contributing to a fun and dynamic gameplay experience.
  4. Game Duration
    • Time the drill for 5-10 minutes, and the team with the most players still standing at the end wins.
  5. Variation in Losing Team
    • If a serve goes into the net or outside the court, the serving player must switch to the other side.
  6. Enjoyable Learning
    • The game provides a fun and effective way for players, especially beginners, to enhance serving accuracy and handle high-pressure situations.
Fun serving drill Dead Fish Volleyball Game

Requirements of Dead Fish Volleyball Game

This is a dynamic serving drill with specific requirements for an engaging play experience:

Sr NoRequirementDescription
1Team SetupDivide players into two equal groups to form competing teams.
2Court and Player NumberUse a full court for the game, and ensure a minimum of eight players to maintain an active and competitive environment.
3Game DurationTime the drill 5-10 minutes to keep the gameplay dynamic and time-efficient.
4EquipmentRequire standard volleyball equipment, including volleyballs, to facilitate serving practice.
5Concentration and PrecisionEmphasize the importance of concentration and precision in serving to enhance skills and make the game compelling.
Requirements of Dead Fish Volleyball Game

Benefits of the Dead Fish Volleyball Game

Sr NoBenefitsDescription
1Enhanced Serving AccuracyThe game’s focus on precision contributes significantly to improving serving accuracy.
2Pressure Situation HandlingPlayers learn to handle high-pressure situations, a crucial skill in competitive volleyball.
3Team Building and CommunicationThe team-based nature fosters communication and teamwork among players.
4Enjoyable Practice SessionsThe Dead Fish Volleyball Game ensures players stay engaged and motivated by infusing fun into training.


How do you play prisoner volleyball?

To play prisoner volleyball, two players stand facing each other on either side of a net. The objective is to pass, set, and hit the ball without letting it touch the ground, emphasizing controlled touches and coordination between players.

What is a butterfly drill in volleyball?

A butterfly drill in volleyball is a practice exercise where players stand in a circular formation, and the ball is passed around sequentially. This drill helps improve passing and communication skills among team members.

How do you practice volleyball kills?

To practice volleyball kills, focus on proper technique. Develop consistent approach steps, timing, and a strong arm swing. Work on targeting specific areas on the court to enhance accuracy.

What is blind volleyball?

Blind volleyball is a modified version of traditional volleyball made for people with visual impairments. Players use a ball with bells inside, and the court and net are adapted to suit those who are blind or visually impaired. The game works on enhancing auditory and tactile skills while supporting inclusivity in sports.


In conclusion, the Dead Fish proves to be an exciting and effective drill for improving serving skills. Its emphasis on precision, team dynamics, and handling pressure situations makes it a valuable addition to any volleyball training regimen.

Whether you’re a coach looking for innovative drills or a player seeking a fun way to enhance your skills, consider incorporating the this Volleyball Game into your practice sessions.

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