Detroit Lions Volleyball Team: What Makes Them Special?

If you like collegiate volleyball, you may have heard of the Detroit Lions, the University of Detroit Mercy women’s team. Lions are among the top Horizon League teams and among the most varied and inspiring NCAA teams.

Detroit Lions Volleyball Team

 What Makes the Lions Special?

The Lions feature 15 players from 10 nations and 4 continents. They have players from Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Egypt, Germany, Japan, Puerto Rico, Serbia, and the US. They speak 9 languages and have diverse cultural experiences.

The Lions are talented, varied, and hardworking. After three Horizon League titles, they qualified for the NCAA tournament for the first time in program history. They have won 18 straight matches, the longest streak in the nation, and are 25-4 this season.

Lions are enthusiastic and supportive. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, they have a strong bond and excellent team culture. They understand and appreciate each other’s uniqueness and similarities and communicate and collaborate well.

What Makes the Detroit Lions Special?

Why Should You Follow the Lions?

The Lions are a terrific volleyball team and a model for diversity and inclusion in success and pleasure. They demonstrate that volleyball is a universal language that can unite and promote community.

Fans who wish to follow their aspirations and overcome hurdles can also draw inspiration from the Lions. They demonstrate that anything is achievable with hard effort and teamwork.

The Lions are breaking NCAA records. This team merits your attention and support. Follow the Lions on their website, social media, and YouTube to discover more about their extraordinary trip. Watch their games live on ESPN+ and support them to the national title.

The Lions go beyond volleyball. They are a family, movement, and heritage. The Detroit Lions roar loudly and proudly.

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