Hawaii Volleyball Schedule 2024: Players To Watch

You may know that UH Manoa boasts a top men’s volleyball team. The Rainbow Warriors won four national titles, most recently in 2021. Many famous sportsmen and instructors have sprung from them. In 2024, what will they do?

This blog post will summarize the Hawaii volleyball schedule for the next season and highlight key games and players.

Hawaii Volleyball Schedule 2024

Hawaii Volleyball 2024 Season

After Charlie Wade retired in November 2023, Ryan Tsuji became head coach. First season under his watch is 2024. Due to his time playing and training with Rainbow Warriors, Tsuji has extensive knowledge of the curriculum.

Josh Walker, a former player and teacher, and Scott Wong, a Pepperdine great player and coach, will support him. In the regular season, the Rainbow Warriors will play 28 games, 16 at home in the SimpliFi Arena at Stan Sheriff Center.

They will also play BYU, UC Irvine, UCLA, and Long Beach State, all difficult teams. Additionally, they will play in the March Asics Tournament and the January Outrigger Invitational.

Hawaii volleyball hosts Grand Canyon University on January 5 to open the season. The Rainbow Warriors will then host the Outrigger Invitational January 11–13. Penn State, Lewis, and Ball State will attend.

Game one is an away game against UC San Diego on January 19. Their season finale is at home against UC Irvine on April 7. The Big West Conference Tournament is April 13–15, while the NCAA Tournament is April 27–May 6.

They’ll strive to defend their conference crown and reach the Columbus, Ohio, national championship.

Hawaii Volleyball 2024 Season

Players to Watch

The Rainbow Warriors will return most of their 2023 starters. COVID-19 ended that season. The squad will also add players from other teams and prospects for depth and ability. In 2024, watch these people:

Rado Parapunov

Bulgarian senior opposite hitter Rado Parapunov is national player of the year and a two-time All-American. He led the nation in 2023 with 5.33 kills and 6.08 points per set. I expect him to win again in 2024.

His tremendous attack and ability to hit from anywhere on the floor. As a good server and defender, he can help with any game segment.

Colton Cowell

Captain and head coach Colton Cowell is a Maui senior who bats outside balls. He’s been named All-American three times and Big West first team twice. In 2023, he averaged 3.65 kills and 1.77 saves per set. His dependability is well-known.

He hits the ball powerfully and smartly and finds defense weaknesses. Passing and guarding are also his strengths. He also moves well on the court.

Gage Worsley

California senior libero Gage Worsley leads the defense and is the team’s best shooter. He was twice All-American and twice Big West first-team and he had 2.62 digs and 0.51 assists per set in 2023. He has the most season (305) and lifetime (1,027) digs in Hawai’i.

He’s fast and fearless, so he can dig any ball. He can chat to setters and motivate pals and is loud and energetic.

Jakob Thelle

The Norwegian junior setter Jakob Thelle makes most of the offense’s passes and sets up plays. He was twice All-American and twice Big West first-team and he has 10.88 assists and 0.86 blocks per set in 2023.

Jakob has the most season (1,176) and career (2,948) assists in Hawai’i. He can quickly and creatively set up the ball due to his size and athleticism. He can also serve and block well and push the opposite team.

Hawaii Volleyball 2024 Season players to watch


The 2024 Hawaii Rainbow Warriors volleyball program is challenging and fun. It will test their endurance and talents. They will face some of the nation’s greatest teams and must overcome pandemic-related issues.

They have the abilities, experience, and coaching to compete at the highest level and win their sixth national title. Like men’s volleyball? Attend their games at the Simplify Arena or online at Hawaii Athletics. Their intensity and performance will wow you. Up bow! 

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