How To Get Recruited For College Volleyball: Steps, Tips

Are you passionate about volleyball and dreaming of playing at the college level? Securing a college volleyball team spot requires strategic planning and dedicated effort. Follow these steps to enhance your chances of getting recruited:

Sr NoStepsDescription
1Understand College Volleyball RequirementsResearch NCAA, NAIA, or NJCAA eligibility criteria to ensure you meet academic and athletic standards.
2Excel AcademicallyMaintain a solid academic record. Coaches often look for well-rounded student-athletes.
3Showcase Your Volleyball SkillsCreate a highlight reel showcasing your best plays. This video is a crucial tool for catching the attention of college coaches.
4Participate in TournamentsAttend high-profile volleyball tournaments to increase visibility. College scouts often frequent these events.
5Connect with College CoachesActively reach out to college coaches through emails or social media. Express your interest and provide them with your athletic and academic achievements.
6Attend College ShowcasesAttend college showcases where coaches scout for potential recruits. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills.
7Seek Guidance from Your High School CoachYour high school coach can provide valuable insights and recommendations to college coaches.
8Create a Compelling Sports ResumeDevelop a sports resume that includes your playing experience, achievements, and contact information.
9Be Persistent and PatientThe recruitment process takes time. Be persistent, stay dedicated to improvement, and remain patient.
10Prepare for College VisitsWhen invited, attend college visits to get a feel for the campus and interact with the coaching staff.
Remember, the journey to college volleyball requires dedication and a proactive approach. Following these steps will position you as a desirable candidate for college recruiters.
How to Get Recruited for College Volleyball

List of Top College Picks for Volleyball

If you’re considering pursuing college volleyball, exploring the top picks known for their competitive programs and impactful first-year students is essential. Here are some choices:

  1. Texas
    • College volleyball powerhouse Texas consistently ranks high.
  2. Wisconsin
    • The University of Wisconsin boasts a strong volleyball program recognized for its competitiveness and skilled athletes.
  3. Stanford
    • Stanford University has a rich volleyball history and consistently performs at a high level in national rankings.
  4. Louisville
    • Louisville’s volleyball program has gained prominence, making it a noteworthy choice for aspiring collegiate athletes.
  5. Nebraska
    • The University of Nebraska is renowned for its commitment to excellence in volleyball, consistently ranking among the top programs.
  6. Pittsburgh
    • Pittsburgh has been a volleyball powerhouse, drawing top talent and ranking nationally.

These institutes dedicate themselves to volleyball greatness, offering distinctive environments for student-athletes. Remember that personal tastes, academic factors, and program details should also affect your decision.

List of Top College Picks for Volleyball recruiting

How Hard Is It To Get Recruited For College Volleyball?

Recruiting for college volleyball can be challenging, but with strategic efforts, it’s attainable. Here are key factors influencing the difficulty:

  1. Competitive Landscape
    • College volleyball attracts a large pool of talented athletes. The intense competition, especially at renowned programs and divisions, makes securing a spot relatively challenging.
  2. Skill Level and Performance
    • Coaches seek athletes with exceptional skills and consistent performance. Standing out requires continuous improvement, standout plays, and showcasing versatility on the court.
  3. Academic Eligibility
    • Meeting academic eligibility requirements is crucial. Coaches often consider student-athletes who excel academically, ensuring they contribute not just on the court but also in the classroom.
  4. Proactive Approach
    • Taking a proactive role in the recruiting process increases your chances. This involves reaching out to coaches, creating attention-grabbing recruiting videos, and attending volleyball events or camps.
  5. Recruitment Timeline
    • The recruitment process is ongoing and begins several years before college. Coaches evaluate athletic abilities, personality, character, and leadership skills, making it a comprehensive and extended approach.
  6. Networking and Exposure
    • Building a network and gaining exposure can enhance recruitment opportunities. Attending showcases, creating a target list of potential schools, and making initial contacts contribute to a successful recruitment journey.

In summary, to enhance your chances of getting recruited for college volleyball, excel in performance, maintain academic excellence, and proactively engage in the recruitment process amid fierce competition.

How Hard Is It To Get Recruited For College Volleyball?

Can You Tryout For College Volleyball?

Yes, you can tryout for college volleyball, and the process varies depending on the competition level and the college program type. Here are key considerations:

Key ConsiderationsDescription
NCAA and NAIA ProgramsTo play for NCAA or NAIA college volleyball programs, athletes must meet eligibility requirements and submit appropriate documentation.
Club TeamsMany colleges have club volleyball teams that operate separately from NCAA or NAIA programs. These teams often hold tryouts, and eligibility requirements may be less stringent compared to varsity programs.
Experience and Skill LevelThe level of competition and the expectations for tryouts may vary. For Division I programs, athletes often need experience at the elite level of club competition to demonstrate readiness.
National Team Development ProgramsSome athletes aspire to join national team development programs. These programs may have specific requirements, including membership, background screening, and successful completion of specific criteria.
College Club TeamsInterested students who meet eligibility requirements can typically try out for the college’s club women’s volleyball team if available. Club teams provide a less formal but still competitive opportunity to play volleyball at the collegiate level.
Before trying out, research the specific requirements and expectations of your desired college or program. We recommend contacting the coach or relevant personnel for detailed information on tryouts and eligibility.
Can You Tryout For College Volleyball

Is NCSA Worth It for Volleyball Recruiting?

Yes, NCSA is worth it is considered by many individuals involved in volleyball recruiting. Here’s a summary based on reviews and feedback:

Positive Aspects

  • Effective Platform: Users appreciate NCSA’s platform for connecting student-athletes with college coaches, providing a valuable resource for the recruitment process.
  • Learning Resources: NCSA offers a well-organized learning process with manageable bits and timelines, providing athletes and parents with helpful online resources.

Mixed Opinions

  • Independent Resources: Some individuals believe they can independently attain the resources NCSA provides or acquire them with coach assistance, creating mixed opinions on the service’s necessity.


NCSA has a high overall rating, with a 4.9-star Google Rating based on more than 2,000 reviews, suggesting a generally positive experience for student-athletes.

Personal Experiences

Reviews on platforms like Glassdoor and Trustpilot provide insights into student-athletes’ experiences who have used NCSA for recruiting.

NCSA offers valuable tools and resources for volleyball recruiting, but individual experiences may vary. Carefully assess your needs, consider independent alternatives, and weigh the potential benefits.

Decide if NCSA is the right fit for your recruiting journey. Athletes and parents, take charge of your decision-making process.

Is NCSA Worth It for Volleyball Recruiting?

Tips For College Volleyball Recruiting Process

When navigating the college volleyball recruiting process, consider the following tips to enhance your chances of success:

Sr NoTipDescription
1Research ExtensivelyExplore various schools and programs to identify those that align with your academic and athletic goals.
2Create a College ListDevelop a specific and well-thought-out list of schools you are genuinely interested in.
3Make a Highlight VideoShowcase your skills through a well-edited highlight video demonstrating your abilities and strengths.
4Maintain a Professional ProfileCraft a comprehensive and professional recruiting profile that accurately reflects your achievements and skills.
5Stay RealisticFocus on schools where you realistically fit both athletically and academically.
6Connect with Current PlayersReach out to current players in the programs you are considering to gain insights into the team culture and environment.
These tips provide a foundation for a successful college volleyball recruiting journey. Combining thorough research, effective communication, and a realistic approach can increase your visibility and make informed decisions throughout the process.
Tips For College Volleyball Recruiting Process


How do you get recruited for NYU volleyball?

Explore the NYU volleyball school, showcase your skills through a recruit questionnaire, and express your interest to the coach by reaching out. Demonstrate dedication to both sports and academics by completing the recruit form on the NYU Athletics website.

How many sets are there in college volleyball?

In college volleyball, matches are typically played in a best-of-five sets format. The first team to win three sets wins the match.

How is women’s college volleyball scored?

In women’s college volleyball, teams play each set to 25 points, except for the fifth set, played to 15 points if necessary. Matches are typically best-of-five sets, with teams needing a two-point margin to win. Both teams earn points in every rally, and the serving team at a scored point retains the serve for the next point.

How do you get recruited to Harvard volleyball.

To play volleyball at Harvard, take the initiative by calling the coaches and expressing your interest. Let them know you’re eager to join the team. Learn about the school, show off your skills, and go through the admissions process along with the normal steps for recruiting in college sports. 

Does Harvard give scholarships for volleyball?

As an Ivy League school, Harvard does not give athletic scholarships, including ones for volleyball. Financial help and admissions are based on need, and there are no academic or athletic scholarships

Final Words

Journey to get recruited for college volleyball is a multifaceted process that requires a combination of strategic planning, dedication, and proactive effort.

Understanding and meeting eligibility criteria, excelling academically, showcasing your volleyball skills through highlight reels, participating in high-profile tournaments, and actively connecting with college coaches are crucial steps in the recruitment process.

Attending college showcases, seeking guidance from your high school coach, creating a compelling sports resume, and being persistent and patient throughout the recruitment timeline are also key factors that can enhance your chances of standing out to college recruiters.

Moreover, researching and considering top college picks known for their competitive volleyball programs, such as Texas, Wisconsin, Stanford, Louisville, Nebraska, and Pittsburgh, provides aspiring student-athletes with valuable insights into potential destinations.

Despite the fierce competition for collegiate volleyball seats, a proactive approach, continual skill and performance improvement, academic eligibility, and networking are crucial to success.

Ultimately, by following these steps and tips, student-athletes can position themselves as desirable candidates and increase their chances of realizing their dreams of playing college volleyball.

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