Ice Spice College Volleyball: How To Play? Benefits & Tips

Try Ice Spice College volleyball if you want a fun and exciting way to remain healthy and make new friends. This is a new sport that combines the elements of ice hockey and beach volleyball, and it is gaining popularity among college students all over the world.

In this blog post, we will tell you everything you need to know about Ice Spice volleyball, including its history, rules, benefits, and tips on how to play it.

Ice Spice College Volleyball

What is Ice Spice College Volleyball?

Ice spice volleyball is played on a frozen lake or pond. It features a net and a ball specially designed for low temperatures and ice bouncing.

The game is similar to beach volleyball. However, players wear ice skates and protective gear. The court is smaller and has no boundaries. Each team consists of four players.

The objective is to score points by hitting the ball over the net and making it land on the opponent’s side of the court. Players balance their skates, avoid slipping, and deal with the cold weather in this fast-paced, thrilling, and challenging game.

How Did Ice Spice College Volleyball Start?

The origin of Ice Spice volleyball could be more precise. Some sources still claim that a group of students from Finland invented it in the late 2010s. Students wanted to spice up their winter activities. They aimed to create a new sport. The new sport would combine their love for ice hockey and beach volleyball.

They experimented with different balls, nets, and rules and eventually developed the concept of ice spice volleyball. They started playing it among themselves and invited other students to join them.

The sport soon spread to other countries, especially in Europe and North America, where there are many frozen lakes and ponds during winter. The International Ice Spice Volleyball Federation (IISCVF) officially recognizes Ice Spice volleyball as a sport today, and it organizes yearly tournaments and championships.

How Did Ice Spice College Volleyball Start?

What are the Benefits of Ice Spice College Volleyball?

Ice spice volleyball is a fun and exciting sport and a great way to improve physical and mental health. Here are some of the benefits of playing ice spice volleyball:

It improves your cardiovascular fitness, as you have to move quickly and constantly on the ice, which increases your heart rate and blood circulation.
It strengthens your bones, muscles, and joints, as you have to use your whole body to hit the ball, skate, jump, and dive, which builds your muscle mass and bone density.
It enhances your balance, coordination, and agility, as you must adjust your posture and movements on the slippery surface, which challenges your motor skills and reflexes.
It boosts your mood, confidence, and social skills, as you have to work with your teammates, communicate effectively, and enjoy the game, which reduces your stress and anxiety and increases your self-esteem and happiness.

How to Play Ice Spice College Volleyball?

Needed Equipments

If you want to play this college volleyball, you will need the following equipment:

  1. A frozen lake or pond at least 10 meters long and 6 meters wide has a smooth surface.
  2. A net that is 6 meters wide, 2.43 meters tall for men, and 2.24 meters tall for women.
  3. A ball made of rubber or plastic has a diameter of 21 centimeters and a weight of 260 grams.
  4. Ice skates that fit your feet and are comfortable and safe to wear.
  5. Protective gear includes a helmet, gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, and shin guards.


Once you have the equipment, you can follow these basic rules to play this College volleyball:

  1. The game is played with 25 points in each set, and the team that wins two sets wins the match.
  2. The teams switch sides after each set, and the team that won the previous set serves first in the next set.
  3. You hit the ball with one hand or arm over the net and into the opponent’s court without touching the net or crossing the center line to complete the serve.
  4. The receiving team can handle the ball up to three times before returning it over the net, but the same player can only take it once.
  5. The ball can be hit with any body part except the feet and legs below the knees.
  6. A player can hit the ball after it bounces once on the ice, but it cannot reflect twice on the same courtside.
  7. If the ball lands outside the court, hit the net fall, is on the same side, or touches any object or person not part of the game, it is considered out.
  8. The game continues until one team with a two-point advantage reaches 25 points. The team that scores a point serves the subsequent point.
How to Play Ice Spice College Volleyball?

Tips and Tricks for Ice Spice College Volleyball

If you want to improve your skills and performance in ice spice volleyball, here are some tips that you can try:

Tips & Tricks
Practice your skating skills for moving around the court and effectively hitting the ball. Learn how to stop, turn, accelerate, and change direction on the ice and avoid falling or crashing into other players.
Practice your hitting skills, which are crucial for scoring points and defending your court. Learn how to hit the ball with different angles, speeds, and spins and aim for the corners, edges, and gaps of the opponent’s court.
Practice your teamwork skills to coordinate with your teammates and create a winning strategy. Learn how to communicate, support each other, and adapt to different situations and opponents.
Have fun and enjoy the game, which is the primary purpose of playing this college volleyball. Don’t take the game too seriously, don’t get frustrated or angry, and don’t forget to smile and laugh.

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