Mindset Volleyball Club: Requirements, Programs, Principles 

Want to improve your volleyball abilities, have fun, and make friends? Interested? Mindset Volleyball Club offers entertaining and competitive youth volleyball for all levels.

Club Director and Master Coach Randy Satovitz, who has 25 years of coaching experience and loves teaching volleyball, runs this club in Chicago’s northwest suburbs.

Mindset Volleyball Club 

Mindset Volleyball Club Requirements

Mindset VBC has programs for your requirements and tastes, including:

Programs Description
Regular seasonJoin a Great Lakes Region USA Volleyball team and play against the best clubs in the area. You’ll practice twice a week, play competitions, and get great instruction.
Practice squadIf you can’t commit to a full season, join the practice squad and work alongside the regulars. You can also substitute in select tournaments.
SummerMindset VBC’s summer program keeps you smart and enjoyable. Indoor, beach, or grass volleyball and a flexible timetable are available.
Beach volleyballJoin the beach volleyball program to learn this fascinating activity and play in the sand and sun. You will train at Chicago’s Montrose Beach and compete in local and regional events.
Park districtJoin a park district recreational volleyball league for a more informal and cheap experience. You will socialize, have fun, and exercise.
Mindset Volleyball Club Requirements

Mindset VBC’s principles

The Mindset Difference—Mindset VBC’s concept and approach—will benefit you regardless of your chosen program. The Mindset Difference follows these principles:

Growth mindsetMindset VBC thinks everyone can improve with effort, feedback, and practice. They encourage players to accept challenges, learn from mistakes, and applaud progress.
Positive environmentMindset VBC fosters a supportive and respectful environment where athletes feel confident. They promote teamwork, communication, and camaraderie among players, coaches, and parents.
Individualized coachingMindset VBC tailors teaching to each player’s needs and ambitions. Video analysis, skill tests, and feedback sessions assist players in improving technique, strategy, and mental game.

Mindset Volleyball Club’s website has programs, timetables, fees, and registration information. For inquiries or concerns, call or email them. Join Mindset VBC, one of the greatest youth volleyball programs in the region, and realize your volleyball ambitions.

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