MLK Kickoff Volleyball 2024: Venue, Timing, Teams Participating

MLK Kickoff 2024, a national volleyball event, honors Martin Luther King Jr. and his peace, justice, and equality values. The competition promotes openness, friendliness, and respect among young players worldwide.

Teams can also showcase their skills and compete against top volleyball players at this event. Team sizes range from 12U to 18U for girls and boys. Class winners receive medals, trophies, and bragging rights.

This volleyball event is a terrific way to honor MLK. Volleyball is another fantastic way to start the year.

Ready for some thrilling volleyball? Do you want to miss one of the year’s biggest events? You must attend this event. This blog post will cover everything about this interesting tournament, including:

MLK Kickoff Volleyball 2024

Venue And Timing Of MLK Kickoff 2024

The Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta will host the MLK Kickoff Volleyball 2024 from January 13–15, 2024. On over 100 courts, 500 teams from across the nation will compete. Games start at 8 a.m. and end at 6 p.m. daily.

Its tickets are available online or at the door. Tickets cost $15 each day or $40 for three. The tournament’s primary website streams games live. The tournament’s social media pages provide news and scores.

Teams Participating In Event

The MLK Kickoff Volleyball 2024 will again include top teams and athletes. Here are some teams and personalities to watch and their win odds:

The A5 Mizuno 18-Scott and TAV 18 Black are the finest 18U golf clubs in the country. These teams have two of the nation’s greatest players: Stanford’s 6’4″ outside hitter Scottie Carter and Kentucky’s 6’2″ opposite Avery Skinner. These teams will likely play in the finals if no other team upsets them.

– In 17U, the Munciana 17 Samurai and Coast 17-1 are favorites. Both teams are top-10 nationally. These teams have two of the most versatile and exciting athletes in the country:

5’8″ libero Kenzie Knuckles, who has committed to Nebraska, and 6’1″ outside hitter Delaynie Maple, on USC. These teams will likely win their group if no one beats them.

Both the Legacy 16-1 Adidas and Sunshine 16 Westside are top-10 16U teams in the country. Jess Mruzik, a 6’2″ outside hitter who has committed to Michigan, and Kendall Kipp, a 6’5″ middle blocker who has committed to Stanford, are two of the nation’s greatest and most reliable players.

These teams will likely play in the finals unless they are upset. You should watch more teams and people than these. There are many other teams and players who could wow the fans. This event offers every team and player a chance to shine.

Teams Participating In Event

Help your favorite team with these tips

You may support your favorite volleyball team in several ways. How to cheer on your favorite players:

Sr NoTips
1Flag your team and cheer loudly and proudly. Make banners, signs, and posters to demonstrate your support and enthusiasm.
2The tournament’s website and social media pages will update you on your team’s progress. Share your posts using #MLKKickoff2024.
3When your team wins, congratulate them; when they lose, encourage them on. You can also text them your love and appreciation.
4Learn about your team members’ backgrounds and stories. Discover Martin Luther King Jr.’s connection to volleyball and sports.
Cheering for your team makes this event more exciting and meaningful for you and your squad.


This is a volleyball must-attend. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is honored, top volleyball players compete, and fans have fun. Anyone can enjoy the this MLK event, whether they play, teach, parent, or just watch. We hope you can!

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