Olivia Mauch Volleyball Libero Who Led Team USA To Gold

Bennington, Nebraska’s 5-6 volleyball libero Olivia Mauch signed with the Huskers for 2024. You may know her if you appreciate volleyball. Did you know she helped the US Girls U19 Team win the 2023 FIVB U19 World Championships in Croatia?

This blog article will examine her outstanding career and achievements. We will also discuss why she is among the nation’s most promising youth.

Olivia Mauch

How Olivia Mauch Became a Volleyball Star?

After playing volleyball in fourth grade, Olivia Mauch fell in love instantly. After joining the Premier club, she improved and became interested in defense. She excelled at Bennington High School.

As a junior and senior, she guided the Badgers to Nebraska Class B state playoffs. She averaged 7.1 digs per set and had 49 serve aces in her senior year.

She was named Lincoln Journal Star Super-State and Omaha World-Herald All-Nebraska. Some college teachers and scouts were interested in her beyond her high school and club activities.

She became famous worldwide after being selected for the US Girls U19 National Training Team in 2022 and the 2023 FIVB U19 World Championships in Croatia.

How Olivia Mauch Became a Volleyball Star?

Olivia Mauch’s role in US world title triumph

The US Girls U19 Team played world-class teams at the World Championship. Brazilian, Chinese, Italian, and Turkish teams participated. Olivia Mauch was ready because she had been a reliable libero.

She played all 10 games, 37 sets. She had 140 digs, 13 assists, 4 aces. After returning to overcome Turkey, she helped win the title game 3-2.

She led the team with 13 digs and made a flying save in the fifth set to help outside hitter Skyler Pierce, who will play with her at Nebraska, kill the ball. She served the final point to give Team USA its first win.

Olivia Mauch's role in US world title triumph

Why Olivia Mauch suits Nebraska?

Olivia Mauch got several volleyball offers but chose to play for the Nebraska Huskers, one of the nation’s greatest teams. She claimed she felt close to the coaches and players and had always wanted to play for the Huskers.

Nebraska head coach John Cook was happy to have her because she was among the nation’s most reliable and technically sound liberos.

He stated she has a unique awareness of the game and is always in the right spot at the right time as a libero. He said she is a great serve catcher and can manage the back row easily.

Olivia Mauch will attend Nebraska in January 2024. Her teammates include Skyler Pierce, the nation’s greatest outside hitter and No. 4 overall recruit. Due to her abilities, expertise, and leadership, she will assist the Huskers in winning national crowns.

Why Olivia Mauch suits Nebraska?


In conclusion, Olivia Mauch excels in volleyball, excelling in high school, clubs, and globally. She defends, digs, passes, serves, and leads well. She will bring her energy, skills, and ambition to win to Nebraska as a Husker.

Watch and adore her because she’s one of the greatest in the game.

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