Rock & Rumble Volleyball 2024: Venue, Date, How To Register?

Ready for a thrilling volleyball match? If so, attend Rock and Rumble Volleyball 2024! The best beach volleyball tournament ever will change your life!

This volleyball event is unique since it includes live music, food, beverages, and entertainment. It’s a party, not a game!

Huntington Beach, California, will host it June 14–15, 2024. Rock and Rumble Volleyball 2024. The world’s greatest volleyball players will compete in men’s, women’s, mixed-gender, and youth groups.

The event will feature top bands and DJs on a live music stage. You may also buy delectable food and drinks from various vendors or play engaging games for all ages.

Rock & Rumble Volleyball 2024

Why attend Rock and Rumble Volleyball 2024?

This volleyball event goes beyond volleyball. The party celebrates life, sports, and music. This fantastic event is worth attending for these reasons:

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1Come cheer on your favorite teams and see world-class volleyball players.
2You can dance to the most excellent and most famous DJs and performers.
3You’ll enjoy the best and most diverse food and drinks.
4Enjoy some of the most fun and intriguing games and activities and win presents.
5You will meet many pleasant, fun people to make friends with.
Why attend Rock and Rumble Volleyball 2024?

Rock and Rumble Volleyball 2024 registration: how?

Join this volleyball event online at their website Register as a player, observer, or helper.

Player registration lets you choose your group and team. Teams pay $100 to register. A complimentary t-shirt, water bottle, and badge are available.

Fans can pay $20 per day or $30 for two days. A free band is included.

A 4-hour helper shift can include setting up, cleaning up, checking people in, and more. A complimentary t-shirt, water bottle, tag, and meal coupon are all included.

Rock and Rumble Volleyball 2024 registration: how?

Are you waiting for how long?

This volleyball event is a must-attend. You can have fun, build memories, and help a good cause. You heard right.

The non-profit Huntington Beach Youth Shelter, which houses, counsels, and educates homeless and at-risk youth, will receive part of this volleyball event proceeds.

Are you waiting for how long? Join now and get ready to rock!

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