San Diego Mojo Roster: Mojo Players & How Can Support Them

If you are a volleyball fan, you are in for a treat. San Diego has a new professional women’s volleyball team roster, the San Diego Mojo, to compete in the Pro Volleyball Federation’s inaugural season in 2024.

The Mojo is one of the seven charter members of the PVF, a league that aims to establish a viable, quality, and fair pro volleyball league in the US. This blog post introduces you to the Mojo, their roster, coaching staff, and home arena. We will also tell you how to support them and watch them play live.

Who are the Mojo?

The Mojo are owned by Kerri Walsh Jennings, the beach volleyball legend and three-time Olympic gold medallist. Walsh Jennings is passionate about growing the sport of volleyball and providing opportunities for female athletes to play at the highest level.

She chose San Diego as her team’s home because of its vibrant culture, beautiful weather, and supportive community. She also chose Mojo, which means magic or charm, to reflect the team’s spirit and energy.

Head coach Tayyiba Haneef-Park leads the Mojo. Tayyiba is a three-time Olympian with 15+ years of coaching and playing experience. Deitre Collins-Parker assists her, a member of the AVCA Hall of Fame.

Deitre is also a former head coach at San Diego State University. Brandon Directo and Noly Mon are the other members of the coaching staff.

Who are the Mojo?

Who are the players?

The Mojo have a diverse and talented roster of 15 players, some of whom have up to 16 years of professional experience. The roster includes:

  1. Oregon setter August Raskie was awarded All-Pac-12 in 2018.
  2. Libero Shara Venegas played for Universidad Metropolitana in Puerto Rico. She has competed internationally for her country.
  3. Arizona outside hitter Kendra Dahlke was a two-time All-American and Pac-12 kills leader in 2018.
  4. Minnesota middle blocker Hannah Tapp was a two-time All-American and 2016 Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year.
  5. Oregon middle blocker Ronika Stone was a three-time All-American and 2018 Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year.
  6. Wisconsin outside hitter Grace Loberg was a two-time All-Big Ten selection and 2019 national champion.
  7. Illinois middle blocker Alison Bastianelli was a three-time All-Big Ten pick and led the conference in blocks in 2017 and 2018.
  8. North Carolina State outside hitter Valeria Papa received ACC Freshman of the Year 2019.
  9. Thailand’s Rbac setter Nootsara Tomkom is considered one of the world’s greatest. She led her country to Asian titles with MVP awards.
  10. Oregon outside hitter Lindsey Vander Weide was a four-time All-Pac-12 selection and Pac-12 kills leader in 2017.
  11. Lindsay Stalzer hits opposite. After playing for Bradley, she dominated numerous pro leagues internationally. She earned MVP and championships in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand.
  12. Wisconsin outside hitter Temi Thomas-Ailara was a national champion in 2019 and an All-Big Ten Freshman in 2020.
  13. Libero Nomaris Vélez played for Interamericana in Puerto Rico and represented her country internationally.
  14. Oregon middle blocker Karson Bacon was an All-Pac-12 Freshman in 2019.
  15. Puerto Rican opposite hitter Génesis Collazo has competed internationally.
Who are the mojo players?

Where do they play?

The Mojo play their home games at Viejas Arena, a 12,414-seat multipurpose venue on the San Diego State University campus. The arena is known for its loud and lively atmosphere and has hosted many sporting and entertainment events.

The Mojo hopes to fill the arena. They aim to attract loyal and passionate fans. These fans can enjoy exciting and high-quality volleyball action.

How can you support them?

If you want to support the Mojo and watch them play live, buy tickets from their official website, And you can also follow them on social media, where they post updates, highlights, and behind-the-scenes content.

You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You can also buy merchandise from their online store, such as jerseys, t-shirts, hats, and accessories. The Mojo are ready to make their mark in the pro volleyball scene and bring some magic to San Diego.

They have a talented and experienced roster, a dedicated and accomplished coaching staff, and a supportive and enthusiastic owner. Mojo are eager to showcase their skills and entertain their fans. They are the San Diego Mojo, and they are here to stay.

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