Texas Tornados Volleyball: How To Join & Became Star Player

Jenny and Mike Andrew, collegiate volleyball players, founded the Texas Tornados Volleyball Club 1998. They wanted to create a Houston volleyball club for young players to learn, train, and play.

Since then, the club has developed into one of Texas’ most prominent and greatest volleyball clubs, with over 40 teams and 500 players. Many of the club’s players have played college ball after winning regional and national titles.

To improve members, the volleyball club teaches life qualities, including teamwork, leadership, control, and sportsmanship. Players, teachers, and parents are welcomed and supported by the club.

Texas Tornados Volleyball

How to Join the Texas Tornados Volleyball Club?

To join the Texas Tornados Club, follow these steps:

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1Join a tryout class. The club provides year-round tryouts for all ages and ability levels. Fill up an online form and pay to reserve your slot. Bring your birth certificate and a form from your doctor letting you go.
2Show your best talents on the test. The tryout will include drills, games, and club coach evaluations. Technical, tactical, mental, and physical skills will be tested. Sometimes, you can talk to teachers and other players and raise your hand.
3Please accept my offer when you hear back. The club will notify you of your tryout results within days. If you are chosen, you will get an offer letter with information about your team, prices, plan, and duties. Accept the offer and sign the paperwork to join the club.
How to Join the Texas Tornados Volleyball Club?

How to Become a Star Player?

Texas Tornados Volleyball Club members receive top-notch instruction, training, and games. To improve and stand out, you must work hard and be clever. Some tips for becoming a great player:

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1Practice regularly. Tournaments, strength and fitness, team practices, and one-on-one instruction are on the club’s calendar. Attend all sessions and follow the plan. Do drills, watch movies, and study about your game to improve.
2Listen to coaches and friends. Club coaches are qualified and knowledgeable and will give you suggestions on enhancing your abilities and techniques. Listen and follow their instructions.
3You must also collaborate and communicate with friends. Help, encourage, and learn from them. Grow and be positive. It would help if you shared the club’s growth-and-happiness philosophy.
4Being cheerful, strong, and confident is essential. Problems and disappointments are also learning opportunities. You should also be humble, polite, and thankful and cherish the club’s resources and opportunities.
5Take pleasure in the game. You must follow the club’s motto, “Play Hard, Have Fun, Make Friends”. You should love the game and spend time with your coaches and friends and you must also build and maintain friendships with other players inside and outside the organization.
How to Become a Star volleyball Player?

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