Texas Volleyball Tour 2024: Dates, Venues, Teams, Rules

Like volleyball and want to watch the finest teams compete for the title? Enjoy the thrill of live action, an eager crowd, and traveling to other cities? If any of these questions made you say “yes,” attend the Tour of Texas Volleyball 2024!

The Tour of Texas Volleyball features Texas’ top volleyball teams each year. The unique concept enables teams to play in different sections of the state, giving them new experiences and challenges.

Texas Volleyball Tour 2024

Tour of Texas Volleyball lets volleyball fans watch top players and see other cultures. This blog entry covers everything regarding the Tour of Texas Volleyball 2024.

The points are as follows:

Dates And Venues

The Tour of Texas Volleyball will span two weekends in January and February 2024. January 20–21 and February 10–11 are the dates. These locations will host the event:


Downtown Austin’s Austin Convention Center will host the tour’s first weekend. Up to 10,000 people can watch volleyball on 16 convention center courts. Austin is noted for its gorgeous surroundings, lively music, and diverse cuisine.


The Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center will host the tour’s second weekend in the heart of Dallas. Up to 15,000 people can watch 18 volleyball sets at the convention center. Dallas has a rich history, many cultures, and new attractions.


The George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Austin hosts the tour’s second weekend. Up to 8,000 people can watch 12 volleyball sets at the convention center. Houston is known for its spacework, foreign flavor, and modern art.

Texas Volleyball Tour 2024 dates and venues

Participating teams and rankings

The Tour of Texas Volleyball 2024 will feature 96 teams from 24 clubs. Four teams will be formed: 18s, 17s, 16s, and 15s. Each class will have 24 teams that play six games over two weekends.

Teams will be seeded by qualifying and regular season performance. The 2024 tour ranks are:

18s Division

The best 18s team is Skyline Juniors 18 Royal. Austin Juniors 18 Mizuno is second, and Houston Juniors 18 Elite is third. These teams have some of the state’s greatest and most experienced volleyball players, so players expect a show.

17s Division

TAV 17 Black leads this division, followed by Houston Skyline 17 Royal and Austin Performance 17 Mizuno. These teams have some of the state’s best and brightest players, who are expected to shine.

16s Division

The top 16s squad is Madfrog 16 National Blue. The next-best teams are Houston Stellar 16 Elite and Skyline Juniors 16 Royal. These teams have some of the state’s most dynamic and adaptable players, expected to be athletic and inventive.

15s Division

Houston Juniors 15 Elite is the best 15s squad. Austin Juniors 15 Mizuno is second, and TAV 15 Black is third. These teams have some of the state’s most enthusiastic and excited players, who are expected to show it.

Format and Rules

Each team will play three daily matches in the Tour of Texas Volleyball 2024 pool. The teams will be grouped by seed, and game outcomes will affect standings. The third set of each match is worth 15 points. The first two sets are best-of-three.

USA Volleyball will amend its tour rules, but the games will continue. Some key rules:

Sr NoRules
1Each team’s eight players and one coach must wear matching outfits with numbers on the front and back.
2Each team must check in an hour early and be ready to play 15 minutes before their first game.
3Each team must furnish one professional referee and two certified scorekeepers for every game they don’t play in and follow the event director and staff’s instructions.
4Teams must respect judges, opponents, and fans. They must play fairly and be good sports.
Texas Volleyball Tour 2024 format and rules

Benefits and Rewards

The Tour of Texas Volleyball is fun, healthy, and profitable. Some reasons to do the excursion are

Sr NoReason
1Playing against the state’s best teams will help the teams improve and develop confidence.
2Teams will tour cities to learn about their history and culture.
3Teams can represent Texas at the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championship.
4Teams will get medals, trophies, and other awards for their efforts.

Tips and Tricks

To maximize your Tour of Texas Volleyball experience, remember these:

Sr NoTips
1Pre-book hotels, flights, and other transportation. Also, use tour partner discounts.
2Only bring volleyball gear, clothes, toiletries, snacks, drinks, ID, and medical documents.
3Drink lots of water, eat well-balanced meals, get adequate sleep, and keep healthy to avoid illness and injury.
4 Enjoy the event, make new friends, create lasting memories, and support your team and others.

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