Volleyball Practice Drills For Beginners, Middle & High School

Volleyball players need practice drills to improve, collaborate, and perform successfully. This blog will examine many enjoyable and practical drills to help individuals and teams perform better.


Successful volleyball players understand the significance of purposeful practice. Our carefully curated practice drills are crafted to enhance essential skills such as serving accuracy, setting proficiency, spiking power, and defensive strategies.

Individual Skill Development

  1. Serving Accuracy Drill: Focus on precision and consistency to ace your serves.
  2. Setting Proficiency Challenge: Elevate your setting skills with targeted exercises.
  3. Spiking Power Booster: Discover techniques to enhance your spiking power for impactful plays.
  4. Defensive Mastery Routine: Explore defensive strategies to become an unbeatable force on the court.

Team Building through Drills

  1. Communication Circuit: Enhance team communication through structured drills.
  2. Rotation Perfection: Explore seamless rotations for a well-coordinated team.
  3. Quick Transition Tactics: Improve agility and transition speed during gameplay.
  4. Effective Blocking Strategies: Unveil the art of effective blocking as a cohesive unit.

Volleyball Practice Drills to Improve Basic Skills

Here are some effective practice drills designed to enhance basic skills:

Sr NoPractice DrillDescription
1Energy Check DrillFocuses on quick movements and reactions, improving agility and coordination on the court.
2Down Ball Hitting DrillDevelops hitting accuracy and power by practicing down-ball hits, an essential skill for spiking.
3Toss-Up Setting DrillEnhances setting skills by tossing the ball up and practicing precise sets, which is crucial for effective team coordination.
4Fizzles Setting DrillImproves setting technique focusing on controlled and accurate sets, a fundamental skill for effective plays.
These drills provide a well-rounded approach to building foundational skills in volleyball.
Volleyball Practice Drills to Improve Basic Skills

Volleyball Practice Drills for Beginners

If you’re a beginner looking to enhance your volleyball skills, here are some effective practice drills:

Sr NoPractice DrillDescription
1Toss and Pass DrillFocus on passing techniques, emphasizing proper form and control.
2Decision-Making DrillPractice passing by deciding between lateral and inside-the-body passing, improving your decision-making skills.
33-Contact DrillEnhance overall skills with a drill involving three contacts per play bump, set, and spike.
4Basic Techniques DrillExplore fundamental techniques for passing, setting, attacking, serving, blocking, and digging.
5Change of Direction DrillImprove agility and change of direction speed to enhance on-court movement.
6Fun Engaged Training DrillEngage in enjoyable drills to make learning more enjoyable while still focusing on skill development.
Volleyball Practice Drills for Beginners

volleyball practice drills for middle school

To enhance volleyball skills in middle school, consider these effective practice drills:

Sr NoPractice DrillDescription
1Zig-Zag Passing DrillSet learners in a zig-zag pattern across the net, challenging them to pass the ball in a zig-zag motion to improve passing skills.
2Perfect Passes DrillFocus on perfecting passing techniques, emphasizing form and control for better accuracy.
3Hitting DrillImprove hitting skills with a dynamic drill involving effectively turning, moving, and hitting the ball.
4Energy Check DrillEnhance basic skills like setting, passing, and serving with engaging drills such as the Energy Check Drill.
5Attacking and Defending DrillIncorporate hitting drills focusing on attacking and defending against attacks to develop well-rounded players.
6Fun Volleyball DrillsExplore a variety of fun and engaging in suitable games and volleyball drills for middle school teams.
7Overhand Serving PracticeFocus on developing a powerful overhand serve. Players should practice the tossing motion and contact point to generate speed and accuracy.
8Solo Ball Control DrillHave players practice ball control individually. This includes activities like self-tossing and passing against a wall to improve passing and setting skills.
9Partner PassingPair up players for passing drills. This encourages communication and teamwork. Players can focus on precise passes to each other, simulating in-game situations.
10Movement and Agility DrillsIncorporate agility exercises into the practice routine. Cone drills, ladder drills, and shuttle runs can improve players’ footwork and responsiveness on the court.
11Target ServingSet up target zones on the court for serving practice. Players aim to serve the ball into specific areas, improving accuracy and control.

volleyball practice drills for high school

To enhance volleyball skills for high school players, incorporate the following effective practice drills:

Sr NoPractice DrillDescription
1Passing Decision DrillDevelop decision-making skills between lateral and inside-the-body passing for better on-court performance.
2Dynamic Volleyball DrillsExplore a variety of active volleyball drills aimed at players of different skill levels, helping them improve their overall game.
3Essential Drills for High SchoolFocus on crucial volleyball drills designed specifically for high school players to enhance their skills on the court.
4Youth Drills for BeginnersIncorporate fun youth drills suitable for high school players, including the Energy Check Drill, Down Ball Hitting Drill, and Toss Up Setting Drill.
5Extensive Drill LibraryExplore a vast library of over 1400 volleyball drills, covering various skills, positions, and levels of play.
6Forearm Pass DrillFocus on the forearm pass, a fundamental skill, with a dedicated drill to improve accuracy and technique.
volleyball practice drills for high school


What is a volleyball drill?

A volleyball drill is a planned activity to improve specific volleyball skills, methods, or teamwork. These drills help players improve at the sport, work better as a team, and generally perform better.

How can I train for volleyball at home?

Focus on activities that make you faster, stronger, and able to jump higher when you train for volleyball at home. Use your space and tools like resistance bands or a volleyball to practice for passing, setting, and hitting.

What is a butterfly drill in volleyball?

In volleyball, the butterfly drill is a defensive drill where players practice diving and rolling to look like they are digging for low and wide shots. It makes players faster, more flexible, and better at covering the floor, all of which are important for good defense on the court.

What are kills in volleyball?

“Kills” in volleyball are successful offensive plays that earn a point by successfully hitting the ball on the other team’s side of the court. This is usually done by spikes or attacks that make it impossible to defend. The general score of a team is affected by kills.

How do beginners practice volleyball?

Focusing on basic skills like passing, serving, and hitting is a good way for beginners to practice volleyball. Start with simple drills to work on controlling the ball, and then move on to more challenging moves. With the right help and regular practice, volleyball skills can be built up to a high level.


In conclusion, mastering volleyball practice drills is the key to achieving excellence on the court. By focusing on individual skill development and fostering effective teamwork, players can elevate their game to new heights.

Incorporate these drills into your training regimen to define your path to success in the thrilling world of volleyball.

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