Why Do Volleyball Players Tape Their Fingers & How To Tape

Volleyball is a sport that requires a lot of hand movements, and it’s not uncommon for players to experience finger injuries. That’s why many volleyball players tape their fingers.

In this blog, we’ll explore the reasons why players tape their fingers, how to tape your fingers, and the benefits & tips of finger taping.

Why Do Volleyball Players Tape Their Fingers

Why Do Volleyball Players Tape Their Fingers?

Players tape their fingers for many reasons. Strength and finger protection are the key factors. When you play volleyball, the ball continually exposes your fingers, risking bending or breaking. You can avoid this by taping your fingers.

Another reason players tape their fingers is nail protection. Getting your nails hooked on the ball can hurt and potentially pull them off in volleyball. This can be avoided by taping your fingers.

Materials Needed for finger taping

Volleyball finger tape requires certain ingredients. Typical requirements are:

Athletic TapeHigh-quality sports tape is recommended. Usually permeable, it supports without impeding movement. The tape’s width is usually 1/2 to 1 inch.
ScissorsCut the tape to length with scissors.
Pre- or Under-wrapThis thin foam-like substance is applied before athletic tape. It protects your skin and makes tape removal easier.
These are finger tapping essentials. Athletic tape and pre-wrap are available at most sports stores and online. Sport-specific tape materials provide the right support and comfort during exercise.

How Do You Tape Your Fingers?

To benefit from finger taping, players must tape their fingers correctly. Speak to a trainer, doctor, or coach whenever taping your fingers. If it is not possible, here’s my advice:

Sr NoSteps Of Finger Taping
1Place your hand flat on a hard surface.
2Fold the gauze neatly and place it between the fingers you wish to tape together or just around the finger you want to tape alone.
3Wrap athletic tape around the base of the finger(s) – wrap up to 3 times.
4Reinforce security by wrapping extra tape between the finger joints.
How Do You Tape Your Fingers?

Volleyball Finger Taping Technique

Tape can support and stabilize volleyball fingers, especially if you’ve had injuries or wish to avoid them. General volleyball finger taping instructions:

Prepare Your Finger

  • Clean and dry your finger thoroughly.
  • Pre-wrap can protect skin from tape irritation.

Start at the Base

  • Start taping the back of your hand below the affected finger’s knuckle.
  • For a secure anchor, wrap tape around the finger base twice.

Create an “X” Pattern

  • Bring the tape diagonally across the back of the hand and over the top of the affected finger.
  • Repeat this process, creating an “X” pattern that covers the joint.

Stabilize The Joint

  • Support and stabilize the joint by wrapping tape around it several times.
  • Tape shouldn’t be too tight to prevent circulation.

Secure the End

  • Finish the taping by wrapping the tape around the back of the hand once or twice.
  • Secure the end of the tape.

Range of Motion

  • Ensure that your finger still has a comfortable range of motion. Taping should provide support without limiting movement significantly.

Repeat if Necessary

  • If you’re taping multiple fingers or need additional support, repeat the process for each finger.
Volleyball Finger Taping Technique

Tips For Taping Fingers

Sr NoTip
1Taping too tightly can impair circulation.
2If pain or discomfort intensifies while taping, remove it and see a doctor.
3Practice taping before using it in a game or practice.
4Remove the tape quickly if numbness, tingling, or discolouration occurs.
Taping can help temporarily, but it’s not a substitute for medical examination and therapy. For individualized guidance on a serious injury or chronic illness, consult a healthcare practitioner or licensed athletic trainer.

Benefits of Volleyball Finger Taping

When done right, volleyball finger taping offers the following benefits:

Sr NoBenefits
1Aids in the healing process of the finger.
2It helps reduce the risk of potential finger injuries by providing the finger with extra strength.
3Minimizes the potential to aggravate the injury.
4Gets players back on the court more quickly after injuries.
Benefits of Volleyball Finger Taping

Different Reasons for Volleyball Finger Taping

To know how to use volleyball finger tape correctly, consider the following reasons for taping and the recommended techniques.

  1. Taping for support is very common with blockers and hitters.
  2. Taping for added strength is also common. A heavy hit to a finger on a table or wall can be uncomfortable. Pain can linger for an extended period while the finger heals. This is why volleyball players need more strength.
Different Reasons for Volleyball Finger Taping


How do you protect your fingers in volleyball?

Practice perfect technique, strengthen your hands, use finger tape, and wear volleyball shoes and splints to protect your fingers.

What is volleyball tape called?

Volleyball tape is commonly called athletic tape or sports tape. It is used to provide support and stability to fingers, hands, or other body parts during volleyball play.

Do volleyball players tape their fingers together?

Yes, players may tape their fingers together for added support and stability, especially if they have a history of injuries or want to prevent them during play.

Does taping fingers prevent injury?

Taping fingers can provide support and stability, reducing the risk of certain injuries in activities like volleyball. However, it is not a guarantee, and proper technique, conditioning, and awareness are also crucial for injury prevention.

Why do they wear knee pads in volleyball?

Players wear knee pads in volleyball to protect their knees from abrasions and injuries during dives and falls, providing cushioning and reducing the risk of long-term damage.

Why do volleyball players touch their shoes?

Volleyball players touch their shoes as part of a serving ritual. It’s a personal preference or superstition believed to bring luck or enhance performance.


In conclusion, volleyball requires finger taping. It prevents injuries, speeds recovery, and gets players back on the floor. Follow the recommendations in this article to properly tape your fingers and reap the benefits of finger taping.

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