Turkey Women’s National Volleyball Team: History, Specialty

You must have heard of the Turkey women’s national volleyball team if you are a volleyball fan. They are one of the world’s most successful and popular teams, and they have achieved remarkable feats in recent years.

In this article, we will explore how they rose to prominence, what makes them so unique, and what challenges they face in the future.

Turkey Women's National Volleyball Team: History, Specialty

History of Turkey Women’s Volleyball

The Turkey women’s national volleyball team was established in 1951 and participated in its first international tournament in 1958. However, they only made much impact in the 2000s, when they started to improve their performance and ranking.

They qualified for their first Olympic Games in 2012, finishing in eighth place. This team also won their first medal at the European Championship in 2011, a silver, and repeated the feat in 2017 and 2019. They also reached the finals of the inaugural Nations League in 2018 and the semifinals of the World Championship in 2019.

History of Turkey Women's Volleyball

What Makes Them So Special?

Many factors contribute to the success and popularity of Turkey’s women’s national volleyball team. Here are some of them:

Talent and diversity

The team has a roster of talented and experienced players from different backgrounds and regions in Turkey. They have a balanced mix of veterans and young stars who complement each other well.

Some of the notable players include Eda Erdem Dündar, the captain and middle blocker, who is considered one of the best in her position in the world; Ebrar Karakurt, the opposite hitter, who is a rising star and a fan favorite; and Zehra Güneş, the middle blocker, who is one of the tallest and most influential players in the team.

Teamwork and spirit

The team has a strong bond and chemistry on and off the court. They play with passion and determination and support each other through thick and thin.

They also have a great relationship with their coach, Giovanni Guidetti, an Italian and one of the world’s most respected and successful coaches. He has been leading the team since 2017 and has instilled a winning mentality and a positive attitude.

Fan support and recognition

The team has a vast and loyal fan base in Turkey and abroad. They are known for their colorful and loud supporters. Their supporters fill the stadiums and cheer for them with enthusiasm and pride.

They also have a lot of media attention and a social media presence, which helps them raise their profile and popularity. They are widely regarded as role models and ambassadors for women’s sports and empowerment in Turkey and beyond.

Turkey Women's Volleyball team specialty

Future Challenges

The Turkey women’s national volleyball team has achieved a lot, but they also have some challenges and goals ahead of them. Here are some of them:

Competition and pressure

The team faces much competition and pressure from other solid and ambitious teams, especially Europe and Asia. They must work hard and stay focused to maintain their level and edge over their rivals.

They also have to deal with the high expectations and demands from their fans and themselves, who want them to win more titles and medals.

Injuries and fatigue

The team has a busy and demanding schedule, which exposes them to the risk of injuries and fatigue. They have to play in many tournaments and matches throughout the year, which can affect their physical and mental health.

They must manage their workload and recovery well and avoid severe or long-term injuries affecting their performance and career.

Olympic dream

The team has a significant and common dream: to win an Olympic medal. They have qualified for their second Olympic Games in 2024 and hope to make history and bring glory to their country.

However, they know that the Olympic Games are the world’s most challenging and prestigious competition, and they have to face the best and most prepared teams. They have to train complex pre, prepare well, and overcome any obstacles and challenges they may encounter.

Future Challenges of turkey national volleyball team


The Turkey women’s national volleyball team is a remarkable and inspiring team, that has made a name for themselves in the world of volleyball.

They have a rich history, a talented and diverse roster, strong teamwork and spirit, colossal fan support and recognition, and an extensive and common dream. And they have also faced and overcome many challenges and difficulties and shown resilience and courage.

They are a team that deserves respect and admiration and a team from which we can learn a lot.

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