UNH Volleyball Camp: Benefits, Why & How To Join?

The UNH Volleyball Camp is a summer program for girls and boys to enhance their volleyball talents. University of New Hampshire (UNH) in Durham hosts it.

The camp has sessions for beginners and advanced players. This volleyball coaches and players lead the camp with high-quality instruction, training, and feedback.

Beach volleyball, pool sessions, and tournaments are also entertaining during camp.

UNH Volleyball Camp

Why You Should Attend UNH Volleyball Camp This Summer

Want a fun and rewarding summer break? Do you enjoy volleyball and want to grow and make friends?

If you answered yes to these questions, join this Volleyball Camp this summer! The one-week this Volleyball Camp provides high-quality coaching, training, and competition for all ages and levels.

Benefits Of Joining UNH Volleyball Camp

For beginners and advanced players, there are camps to suit your requirements and ambitions. Joining this Volleyball Camp has several benefits:

Learn from the Best

This volleyball coaching team leads the camp with years of experience. They will teach passing, setup, hitting, serving, blocking, and defense.

They will also improve your agility, strength, endurance, and teamwork. Learn to play smarter, quicker, and harder.

Train in a State-of-the-Art Facility

This Volleyball Camp is hosted at Lundholm Gymnasium, a top volleyball facility in the region. The facility has four regulation courts, a video room, a weight room, and a changing room. All these amenities are available at camp.

UNH’s campus in Durham, New Hampshire, a picturesque and historic town, is equally lovely.

Compete with Others

Learn, train, have fun, and challenge yourself at the this Volleyball Camp. You can play against players of diverse backgrounds and skill levels.

Drills, games, tournaments, and scrimmages await you. Coaches and staff will evaluate you. Measure your development and compare it to others.

Meet New Friends

This Volleyball Camp is a terrific way to make friends. Campers with similar interests and aspirations will share your love for volleyball.

You will also interact with pleasant, supportive instructors and staff. Fun and lasting experiences await you.

Why You Should Attend UNH Volleyball Camp This Summer

How to Register For UNH Volleyball Camp

Register quickly for this Volleyball Camp this summer. Camp places are scarce and fill rapidly. Register online at this Volleyball Camp website and learn about camp dates, costs, schedules, and procedures.

Email camp director Jill Hirschinger at [email protected] or (603) 862-3211 for inquiries or concerns. Attend this Volleyball Camp this summer for an unforgettable experience. Learn, grow, and have fun. Get registered and ready to play! 

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