When Is Volleyball Season: All Level Seasons Explained

when does volleyball season start

Volleyball season aligns with school calendars from late summer to early winter. This timeline allows players to balance academics and athletics. The season officially starts with tryouts and team formations, setting the stage for an action-packed journey.

When Does Middle School Volleyball Season Start?

Middle school volleyball period generally starts in the fall, typically from August through November. The start and end dates may vary based on the school district and regional scheduling.

For instance, some middle schools may begin tryouts and practices in August, leading up to the start of official games and competitions in September. Contact the middle school’s athletic department or visit their website for the latest season start and end dates.

Participating schools often publish detailed timetables, tryout dates, and practice times to inform students and parents about the season.

when does school volleyball season start

When Does College Volleyball Season Start?

The college volleyball period usually starts in late August or early September. On Thursday, November 30, the 2023 NCAA Division I women’s volleyball tournament began and ended with the national semifinals on Thursday, December 17.

Division I clubs usually start their regular seasons in late August or early September.

It’s essential to check the specific schedules and dates provided by individual colleges and universities, as the start of the season can be influenced by various factors such as conference affiliations and league regulations.

When Does Beach Volleyball Season Start?

The start date of the beach volleyball period can vary depending on the specific league or tour. The 2023 Beach Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour has events throughout the year, starting as early as March and continuing into April, with competitions in locations like La Paz, Mexico, and Itapema, Brazil.

Additionally, AVP hosts the Miami Beach Open in March and the New Orleans Open in April. In different locations and leagues, beach volleyball events may happen at other times. 

Additionally, collegiate and high school beach volleyball seasons may have their own schedules. For example, in October, collegiate beach volleyball teams have scheduled games and qualifiers, such as the AVCA Collegiate Beach East Coast Qualifier.

For precise and up-to-date information, it is recommended to check the official schedules of specific beach volleyball leagues, tours, or organizations.

when does beach volleyball season start

When Does Professional Volleyball Season Start and End?

Professional volleyball duration begins in late December and ends in June. Dates vary per league and country. Tournaments, playoffs, and championships lengthen professional seasons.

The professional volleyball period lasts about nine months, depending on league schedules and postseason events. Leagues globally follow their calendars so that volleyball fans may expect competitive play.

The start and end dates of the professional volleyball period can vary depending on the league and country. For instance:

Polish PlusLiga

The Polish men’s volleyball league usually starts in October and concludes in April or May.

Professional Volleyball

Late December to June is the professional volleyball duration.

Russian and Polish Leagues

Most professional leagues run from October to May.

It’s advisable to check the specific schedules of individual leagues and teams, as they may have variations in their season timelines.

when does professional volleyball season start

When Is the International Volleyball Season?

The International Volleyball period typically includes various tournaments and leagues scheduled throughout the year. The Volleyball Nations League (VNL) is a prominent event in the international volleyball calendar.

The VNL 2023 schedule spans from May 30 to July 16, featuring both men’s and women’s competitions. The tournament involves teams from different nations showcasing top-tier volleyball talent globally.

Other international competitions and championships, such as continental championships and the FIVB Volleyball World Championships, contribute to the overall international volleyball period.

These events often occur at various times of the year, providing continuous excitement for fans worldwide.

To stay updated on the latest international volleyball events, fans can refer to official websites, sports news platforms, and event calendars.

when does international volleyball season start

Men’s High School Volleyball Off-Season

Men’s high school volleyball’s off-season in spring goes from March to May. Off-season timing varies by high school and region. June to February is the typical off-season. Remember that volleyball doesn’t stop in the off-period.

 Many players use this time for individual skill development, strength training, and participation in club or other non-school-related volleyball activities.

Additionally, off-season periods are crucial for rest and recovery to prevent burnout and ensure optimal performance during the regular season.

Contact the athletic department or coaching staff for information about a men’s high school volleyball team’s off-period schedule.

Women’s High School Volleyball Off-Season

The off-period is vital for women’s high school volleyball players and teams. Most high school volleyball seasons go from August to November. After the season, athletes and coaches can work on skills, strength, and fitness.

Women’s high school volleyball’s off-season runs from late August to October.

 Off-season timing depends on high school and regional schedules. Female high school volleyball’s off-season runs from November to the second half of August the following year.

During the off-period, players develop individual skill development and strength training and participate in club or other non-school-related volleyball activities. Rest and healing prevent injuries and prepare players for the competitive season.

Contact the athletic department or coaching staff for information about a women’s high school volleyball team’s off-period schedule.

Women's High School Volleyball Off-Season

Key Aspects of the Off-Season

Sr NoKey AspectDescription
1Summer training campsMany teams hold off-season training camps to improve fitness, abilities, and teamwork.
2Club volleyballPlayers may play tournaments and leagues in the off-season to improve their skills.
3Individual Skill DevelopmentTo improve performance, athletes practice serving, spiking, and blocking.
4Strength And ConditioningOff-season training involves strength and conditioning regimens to increase players’ fitness and prevent injuries.
5Optional CompetitionsSome schools or clubs may participate in optional off-season competitions or leagues to provide additional playing opportunities.
Players must stay committed to their fitness and skill development during the off-season to ensure readiness for the upcoming season.
Key Aspects of the Off-Season

Global Volleyball Calendar

Beyond regional variations, the global volleyball calendar accommodates diverse climates. Nations in the Southern Hemisphere may observe season during spring and summer, highlighting the sport’s adaptability worldwide.


How many divisions are there in volleyball?

In volleyball, there are three main divisions: Division I, Division II, and Division III. Each division represents different levels of competition, with Division I typically having the highest level of play and more athletic scholarships available.

Why volleyball is the most popular sport in the world?

Volleyball’s global popularity is attributed to its accessibility, requiring minimal equipment, and its inclusivity for players of various ages and skill levels. The sport’s fast-paced and dynamic nature also contributes to its widespread appeal.

Is there professional volleyball in USA?

Yes, there is professional volleyball in the USA, with leagues such as the Pro Volleyball Federation organizing competitive events and the USA Volleyball governing various levels of the sport, including professional competitions. The VLA (Volleyball League of America) also contributes to the professional volleyball landscape in the country.

Is volleyball most a girl sport?

No, volleyball is not exclusively a girl’s sport. It is played by both genders at various levels, from recreational to professional, with men’s and women’s leagues existing worldwide.


In conclusion, the timing of season varies across levels, from high school to professional leagues, offering a dynamic and captivating experience for players and fans alike. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of volleyball seasons’ when, why, and how, ensuring a clear understanding of this beloved sport’s annual rhythm.

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